Baader 189

The BAADER 189 filleting machine is unbeaten when it comes to flexibility and durability. This machine processes cod, pollack, haddoch and hake employing well proved system with high fillet yield. Fish from 40 to 85 cm (0,6 – 4, 5 kg gutted with head) are loaded onto the machine after heading. The Baader 189 is purely mechanical, eliminating the need for computers and sensors.  This machine is a workhorse, and with regular maintenance will run without concern for many years.

This machine was overhauled three years ago by our technicians, used for one season and then stored for the last two years. This machine is being sold as is in running condition! 

Lot Number:

Operator Requirements:

Throughput Rate:

Power Consumption:

Water Consumption:




Year Mfr:


1-2 persons

24-34 fish/min

3 kW

15 Liter Per Min

~3.70 x 1.50 x 2.00 m

about 1060/1650KG net/gross

Good Condition