Baader 434

The BAADER 434 is a unique heading machine for salmon and sea trout. Its result is a perfect U-cut which leaves the neck flesh on the trunk, increasing yield to the maximum.

The cutting result is fairly independent from the skill of the operator as the fish is automatically positioned in the proper position, and because the fish is transported in fish trays through the machine. Each fish is measured before cutting.

  • Improves production stability
  • Performs a perfect U-cut
  • Maximum yield
  • Result is independent from operator’s skill
  • Automatic adjustment to fish size
  • Careful handling of the fish body

Operator Requirements:

Throughput Rate:

Working Range:

Power Consumption:

Water Consumption:



Year Mfr:

Lot Number:

1 person

Up to 42 fish/min (depending on fish size)

2-7 kg

approx. 2kW

approx. 15 l/min.

abt. 1500 kg gross

Good Running Condition