Baader 52DS

The BAADER 52 operates both as normal skinning machine according to the time-tested peeling procedure which retains the silver film on the fillet, and as deep-skinning machine BAADER 52 DS which removes the skin together with the fatty layer between the skin and muscular tissue by means of an oscillating blade; the thickness of cut is adjustable. This method is e.g. used for salmon, saithe, marluza, Alaska pollack, ect. Beyond this, there are two special versions available for tuna and salmon. They remove the fatty tissue between the upper and lower muscular cord of the fillets automatically during the skinning process.

Operator Requirements:

Throughput Rate:

Power Consumption:

Water Consumption:



Year Mfr:

Lot Number:

1 person

30 to 150 fillets/min depending upon the version

52DS      2.0kW

About 25 L/min

about 520 kg gross