Baader 988


The BAADER 988 is an advanced unique trimming machine for salmon and sea trout. It reduces the need for manual trimming drastically and combines a consistently high level of cutting quality of the end product with an advanced yield saving process.

It evaluates each fillet according to size, volume, color grade and trim category. The BAADER 988 calculates the cutting patterns based on the evaluated parameters. The grade signal evaluated for each fillet can be used for sorting the fillets into different processes later on. Each fillet is cut or not cut according to this grade evaluation.

The BAADER 988 allows processors to “design” all kinds of trims along the belly side, the back side and the surface of the fillets. BAADER 988 can maximize your production value, yield, throughput and quality.

  • High Speed – up to 50 fillets / min (depending on fillet size)
  • Integrated tail-cut possible
  • Re-designed vacuum system inside the machine for better hygiene
  • Prepared for receiving CIP (vacuum pipe lines)
  • Surface trim also in the back area possible – thickness can be adjusted quick and easy
  • Cutting on demand – individual cutting of each fillet according to user defined settings
  • Trim parameters can be stored in a recipe archive
  • Cutting statistics of the last 100 fillets
  • Different belly and back cutting features
  • Color sorting according to „Roche“ scale
  • Size Recognition and weight calculation
  • Miss-orientated fillets will not be cut – cutting tools stop automatically


This machine has been upgraded from the original two field camera system to a three field camera system for better optimization and higher yield quality.

Operator Requirements:

Throughput Rate:

Power Consumption:

Air Consumption:

Water Consumption:



Year Mfr:

Lot Number:

1-4 person

Up to 50 Fillets/min. Dependent on size and operator’s skill

3 cutting tools: approx. 12 kW

3 cutting tools: approx. 1,125 l/min

abt. 15 l/min

3 cutting tools: approx. 2,050 kg

Pre-owned. Good running condition