Trio FDS 104

The Trio FDS 104 is the compact freeze drum skinning machine from Trio, and is manufactured from stainless steel and non corrosive materials.

The machine operates on the principle that the skin of the fillet freezes to the cold, rotating drum, and thus is held in position. The freezing is approx, 1/10mm deep. A rotating band knife cuts the fillet away from the skin, and the skin is then scraped off the drum. The thickness of the cut, and thus the depth of the skinning, is infinitely adjustable between 0-12mm.

The refrigeration system operates on a system of indirect cooling. A sealed refrigeration unit cools down a secondary cooling medium. The medium is then transported to the rotating drum and cools the surface of the drum to below freezing point. This system requires less service and is simpler to operate.

The FDS 104 skinning machines cut the skin away from the fillet without causing any strain on the fish meat or the skin.

This is particularly advantageous when:

  • Deep Skinning
  • Skinning of fillets with no natural division between skin and meat
  • skinning of soft fillets, or fillets with weak skin
  • skinning of flatfish for maximum yield, and no tail splitting

Lot Number:

Operator Requirements:

Throughput Rate:

Power Consumption:

Water Consumption:


Conveyor Width



Year Mfr:


1-2 persons

up to 120 Fillets Per Minute

6.2 kW

10-12 Liter Per Min

R-22 In Primary system Pekasol in Secondary system


about 650KG net

Good Condition